A Pastry Chef Turns Food Into Miniature Worlds

You know how it was when you were little – no playing with food was allowed. But that’s exactly what Matteo Stucchi’s career is all about. He’s a pastry chef with an amazing talent for creating miniature worlds on his cakes and other confectionery.

Stucchi is 26-years-old and he lives in Italy. He named his Instagram account idolcidigulliver, a name taken from the children’s book Gulliver’s Travels. In the book, the main character Gulliver travels to the land of tiny Lilliputians and Stucchi’s miniature worlds definitely remind us of the story.

“I wanted to present my desserts differently from others,” Stucchi told The Local. “There are lots of artists who create miniatures using food, but I focus on desserts. I try to use my imagination as much as possible in order to surprise people.”

See his works below.

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