Russian Duo Shows the Funny Side of Being a Cat Owner

If you spend time on social media, then you are probably familiar with the works of creative Russian duo Lingvistov. After doing a series of comics about animals, food, and everyday life, they now decided to shift their focus to the internet’s favorite beings; cats.

The duo consists of friends Landysh and Asia, who decided to combine their talents back in 2012 and started creating charming comics, doodles, and illustrations, which they then posted on social media. Their content quickly captured the attention of internet users, which enabled them to quit their jobs and dedicate themselves to their passion project full time.

Recently, Lingvistov presented us with a new series of illustrations that’s primarily inspired by cats and their owners. These relatable comics show the funny side of being a cat owner while also capturing the hilarious moments of our feline friends’ everyday life.

“Life with a cat is never what you thought it would be – it is much much better than you could have ever expected!” – said Lingvistov of this series.

Check out some of their awesome works dedicated to cats below.