According to Alexandra Elle, Self-Care Can Be As Simple As Writing a Note

Alexandra Elle is committed to self-healing, a worthy goal she hopes to pass on to her many (many!) followers. With more than 650k followers on Instagram alone, her mission is to build a community around self-care practices through literature and language.

It all starts with a simple note – a reminder that you are worth it. Sharing quotes and mantras that are scribbled on tiny notes, she explores the way journaling can help you understand yourself better. She also teaches workshops and retreats centered around assisting others in finding their voices through storytelling, poetry, and narrative writing.

“A lot of people believe that self-care has to be expensive and lavish, but it doesn’t,” she told Hello Giggles. “It can mean something as simple as making sure that you take five minutes to decompress every day. Take time to breathe. We are moving so quickly that sometimes we don’t even realize we’re breathing! Remember to be here and be present—that’s a non-negotiable for me. It really is amazing what taking five minutes—or whatever you can spare—just to be present can do for the rest of your day.”

“For me, self-care teaches that I can pour into myself just as much as I pour into others,” Elle explains. “In fact, it means that in order to put the most love and care towards others that I can, I must take care of myself first.” Start the new decade on the right foot:

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Whew! This was a big lesson for me in the 2010s. It was more than a challenge. For a good two years I kept trying to grow AND hold on to folks that weren’t. I kept trying to bring people with me who weren’t ready to change. I was scared to evolve alone—but that’s what I needed. . . I found who I was in some pretty gloomy moments. And when I emerged, I was ready to meet likeminded folks, my now husband came into my life, and my life’s work started to come to fruition. My chosen family and sister-friends (also) started to form. And, best of all, I discovered what it meant to STAND deeply in self-trust. . . I learned what it meant to let people go lovingly, and that loving them from a distance was alright. I learned that being alone isn’t always synonymous with being lonely. I learned that what I wanted mattered and to value myself on a deeper level. . . I’m ready to see what the next 10 years will teach me. I feel blessed to be here — on the other side of pain. Finding my joy in the 2010s was life changing. . . Community: What did the last 10 years teach you? Is there a lesson that really stood out? . . My virtual course starts on 1/5. The registration cart is open until 1/1. Quite a few have been gifting the course for the holidays and it’s pretty epic to see! We also have a global community which is wild and amazing to me. Sign up to join us at the link in my bio.

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