Textile Artist Makes Colorful Fabric Interventions on Buildings and Landmarks

If you have ever stumbled upon a building or a landmark wrapped up in textile, chances are artist Amanda Browder had something to do with it. Browder is a textile artist who gained worldwide exposure thanks to the colorful fabric interventions she does on the building, landmarks, and other architectural creations.

The interesting thing about Browder’s work is that she uses donated fabric and each of her works are site-specific. With the help of local volunteers, she stitches the textile into all sorts of colorful and psychedelic patterns and then wraps sheets around the site.

“I am in love with the transformative nature of materials, and how the combination of the familiar creates abstract relationships about the place.” – says Browder of her work. “This relational objectivity generates an open-ended narrative, ambiguous situations defined by choice of materials and work ethic.”

Browder did her fabric interventions all across the United States, and some of the buildings and landmarks she worked on include Buffalo Public Library, Virginia’s Arlington Arts Center, and Birmingham’s Alys Stephens Center.

Check out some of her colorful installations below.