The Editorial Comic Art of Ana Galvañ

Freelance illustrator, Ana Galvañ, creates images that are halfway between comics and editorial art. A rising star in the illustration scene, her work has appeared in publications coordinated by Fantagraphics, Nobrow, Ultrarradio, Vertigo DC, Off Life, Autsáider, Apa-Apa, and Fosfatina. She has also published a 64-pages story with Apa Apa cómics.

“I’m a comic book artist by nature, rather than an illustrator, so there’s always this narrative element present in my pieces, even when I make a single illustration,” she remarked once in an interview with the WeTransfer blog. Indeed, each piece has a nugget of narrative within it, enticing the viewer.

Based in Spain, Galvañ studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia, before moving to Madrid, where she worked as an Art Director. More recently, she left advertising to pursue comics and illustration full time. Her visual language is very wholesome, and includes bright colors and overlapping geometrical shapes. Galvañ also likes adding a textured feel to her work – a graininess that also makes her work more comics-like. “I have always tried to remove the coldness from my digital works, adding worn textures or screen dots,” she notes. “I also usually add some vintage Photoshop filters, which change the original colors.”

“I like to work on imaginary worlds in which any surreal event is possible,” she adds, “but it’s based on realistic surroundings. In that way, the surprise of absurd scenarios causes a bigger impact. I guess creating fantastic universes is one of the reasons I like to draw and tell stories.”

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