Théophile Bartz’ Illustrations Will Hypnotize You

Théophile Bartz started his creative career as a graphic designer. After a few years in the field, he started feeling dissatisfied like he needed to change something. “I felt the need to detach myself from the conventions of communication that I’d never been able to truly express myself through,” the artist told It’s Nice That.

So he started exploring what else he could do and it led him to illustration. He describes it as a discipline with “freer artistic approach” and apparently freedom was what he missed the most when working as a graphic designer. 

His illustrations are not ordinary. They burst with color and, if you allow them to, they will hypnotize you with everything that’s going on in them. It’s clear that Bartz finds inspiration in biology as he confirmed to the outlet. “I’ve had a particular interest in plants and microorganisms. The work I do now comes from the frustration I’ve always had with my inability to represent reality at a satisfactory level.” But ultimately, he leaves it to the viewer to interpret his works and to understand them in their own way.

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