Greg Ito’s Paintings Explore the Concepts of “Time, Love, Loss, Hope, and Tragedy”

Greg Ito is an artist who lives in L.A. His work, as he tells It’s Nice That, revolves around a few central themes, “time, love, loss, hope, and tragedy to name a few.”

These themes come to life in the form of paintings that look like graphic art or comic book art, with shades of pink, purple, and blue dominating his work. 

Ito was inspired to pursue a career in art by his family. Many of his relatives, including his mother and uncles, had a creative outlet, and he learned the importance of it when he was growing up. “I always found myself gravitating toward art classes growing up,” he says. “I loved making things. The freedom I had to create whatever I wanted.”

Besides paintings, Ito also makes sculptures. “I never felt content with making only paintings, so sculpture became an inherent part of my practice,” he notes. Scroll down to see his work and visit his Instagram for more.