There’s Nothing Cuter in the World Than a Dog Wearing a Costume

The first step to being a dog celebrity on Instagram? Be a dog. The second step? Wear a costume. Case in point: Chihuahua-mametaro. The pocket-size pupper loves to show everyone around his neat costumes that include anything from manga characters to food costumes.

“The designs are based on manga, anime/movie characters, or Japanese playing cards,” explained his owner, a Japanese woman named Semba, in an interview with BuzzFeed. “They are things that I like.”

“The main character is the non-moving dog, and my art skill is secondary,” she admits. “People laugh when they see these photos. They also praise the dog, who manages to stay still. Chihuahua-mametaro is cooperative. He’s usually quiet and kind, so he rarely gets angry at something.”

The costumes themselves have a DIY feel to them, made out of cardboard and cut into simply shapes and designs. How does Semba get her dog to wear his cosplay outfits? She simply tells him to “go home!” and Chihuahua-mametaro pops his head through the makeshift masks.

Here he is in all his glory.

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