Laci Jordan’s Art is 100% Her

Laci Jordan’s creativity knows no bounds, quite literally. Delving into anything from graphic design and illustration to web design, marketing, and curation, her passion for art is visibly clear. And with two altogether completely different Bachelors from the University of Alabama – the first in Criminal Justice, the second in Design – it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she’s a true renaissance woman.

“The hardest part is putting yourself out there and staying consistent,” she admitted in an interview with Forbes. “If you’re working people will notice and different platforms can push your work to many directions. You never know who is watching.”

“I love this feeling of a Black Renaissance that’s happening,” adds Jordan. “We’re seeing people of color winning and creating new and exciting stories. I want to see art that includes people that look like me, so I create it.” She’s also very much inspired by the idea of living unapologetically. “I create work that is through an unfiltered lens,” she stressed. “I want to live in a space where I’m 100% me so I create work that fuels that.”

Indeed, her graphic illustrations are very much out there. Bold and colorful, relying on contrast and shapes, her art is a testimony to her confidence and strength. See for yourself.

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