These Illustrations Were Inspired By Medieval and Renaissance Iconography

Fee Greening’s illustrations have an underlining mystique to them. Specializing in dip pen and ink, Greening graduated from Central St. Martin’s in 2012 and received a Masters from the Royal College of Art in 2014. Inspired by Medieval, Gothic and Flemish art, there’s often a lot of flora and fauna to be found in her work.

“Iโ€™m always drawn to things that have a certain mysticism and magic to them,” said Greening in an interview with Gucci for i-D. “Iโ€™m romantic, always looking for an escape,” she adds. Specifically inspired by medieval and renaissance iconography, Greening notes that thereโ€™s a lot of symbolism to be found in flowers. “Thereโ€™s a narrative to it when I put a certain flower in a certain drawing,” she reflects. “They’re such a metaphor for our lives and life cycle.”

According to Greening, her best ideas come from walking. “There’s such nostalgiaโ€ฆ Childhood memories of just playing outside and with petals and running around,” she says. “I like looking back on that self with the experience of who I am now.”

With almost 20k followers on Instagram and clients that include brands like Gucci, Alexa Chung, and Martini, as well as establishments like The Royal Court Theatre and Tateโ€”the sky is clearly the limit for this young creative. “Our lives can be just so fast and it’s quite monotonous and I think whenever I’m in nature… Yeah, it put things in perspective,” she says.

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