These Intriguing Artworks are Made With a Combination of Embroidery and Kintsugi

Artists Katerina Marchenko and Artashes Sardarian recently combined their talents to create an intriguing series of artworks that combine embroidery with Kintsugi, a Japanese technique of repairing broken pottery with gold.

The artists used broken pieces of vintage plates as the foundation for their works. Sardarian brought together the pieces using gold, with each repaired plate featuring a hole in the middle. Marchenko then used the plates as a frame to create striking embroidery images of eyes and hands, resulting in unique pieces of art.  

According to the pair, their collaboration aims to show that old and overlooked things can be given a new life in an inspiring way.

“This collection is not just about vintage; it’s a metaphor for how old things, once overlooked and forgotten, can gain a new life, becoming something entirely unique and inspiring,” Marchenko shared about the project.

Marchenko is a self-taught artist from Ukraine who creates 3D embroidery images and portraits.

Sardarian, Armenia-native who currently resides in Paris, France, is a mixed media artist who works with various materials, including epoxy, clay, minerals, and more.

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