Julia Pilipchatina Creates Intriguing Insect Art on Plates

Julia Pilipchatina is a ceramic artist based in Belgium who makes unique “bug-infested” plates. Her ceramic works are adorned with insect artworks, showing an array of colorful bugs like beetles, stink bugs, ladybugs, and more.

It isn’t unusual to see insect-inspired art on ceramics, but Pilipchatina’s does it is really special. She opts for large illustrations that stretch across the entire length of the plate. She also depicts the bugs in an amazingly detailed way while introducing exotic colors to adorn their wings, antennas, and legs.

According to Pilipchatina, her fascination with insect-inspired art started with watercolor drawings. She decided to transfer them to ceramics, being intrigued by the role that plates have in the traditions of various cultures.

“By choosing a unique plate for ourselves, we draw upon our own values, and—I hope—these objects remain in our families as a testament to the lives of past generations,” Pilipchatina told Colossal in a recent interview.

If you like Pilipchatina’s plates, you will be happy to hear that the artist has an Etsy shop through with she makes her ceramics available for purchase. She also regularly shares her newest work on social media. Continue scrolling to check out few more below.