This Pattern Designer Makes the World a Prettier Place

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Print and pattern designer Elizabeth Olwen strives to make the world a prettier place through her designs. “I think it’s so important to have reminders of all the beauty in the world,” she told the Spoonflower blog. “To strive for a more beautiful life. To keep creativity alive in our daily lives. To be inspired. To take satisfaction in the simple joys of visual beauty. I really do get satisfaction from beautiful design and I think it has the power to lift people up, like a bright floral umbrella on a rainy day.”

Born in Canada and based in Portugal, her patterns can be found around the globe, on products from decor to paper to fabric to bedding for clients like Cloud9 Fabrics, Crate + Kids, Tokyu Hands Japan, Mixbook and many more.

Her highly considered patterns and illustrations are lovingly assembled, piece by piece, creating an altogether unique compilation of colors and shapes. According to Olwen, a strong collection of patterns is one that has the perfect balance of cohesion and contrast, “a bunch of motifs, shapes or qualities that come together perfectly, and then something quite different to break it up,” she notes. “And a really beautiful color palette.”

Her uplifting designs are greatly inspired by the world around her—from the beautiful forests of Ontario, to the pastel colors and tiles of Lisbon, to her cherished and plentiful travels abroad, and her own journey of self-exploration toward wholeheartedness. “Nature is at the top of the list,” she stresses. “I love flowers and leaves and trees and it never ceases to amaze me how each one is so unique. I find that idea so inspiring.”

Take a look at some of her patterns in the gallery below:

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… which works out well at a time like this.

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