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Naomi Bulger describes herself as a writer, an illustrator, and a mother, on a path to live her life with more simplicity, greater creativity, and deliberate kindness. Through her bespoke courses and workshops, she aims to give women the confidence, inspiration, and practical tools they need to share their creative work and stories. 

One such online course is aimed at reviving the art of letter writing. Bulger guides through multiple methods of making beautiful mail-art and handmade stationery, teaching the art of writing and storytelling in a letter and helping you forge personal connections and find pen-pals.

“It’s time,” reads her website. “Time to pick up a pen and write a letter to Nanna. Surprise Facebook friends with a handwritten postcard. Send a thank-you card to your child’s school teacher. Leave a loving post-it note for your partner. No matter what your reason for writing, I will help you make it special and beautiful.”

“Life today is busier than it has ever been!” she acknowledges. “But I think that is all the more reason why it is so special to slow down enough to write something meaningful, and personal, and show the person you’re writing to how much you care.” According to Bulger, we all have the creative potential within us, which she hopes to push forward.

But even if you don’t follow her guidelines, her Instagram page alone will provide you with all the inspiration you need to write that letter.

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You know when people talk about “labours of love”? I can absolutely relate! I have just given birth to my completely revised letter-writing and mail-art e-course, “The Most Beautiful Letter You’ve Ever Written,” and am SO proud to introduce my bouncing baby e-course to the world! 🌿⁣ At long last, it’s all ready for anyone who enjoys (or wants to enjoy) the slow, creative and heartfelt process of writing letters and spreading joy. ⁣ 🌿⁣ It took me a full nine months to revise, research, rewrite, create and fine-tune the course content, including adding in a whole extra week’s worth of inspiration and tutorials, creating a private community (known as the Letter Writers’ Corner), introducing a bespoke pen-pal matching service, and hosting regular letter-related events (like the #bookishpenpalswap I ran last week) exclusively for students and alumni. ⁣ 🌿⁣ This weekend I invited more than 300 past students to take a sneak peek at the new content, and introduced them all to the Letter Writers’ Corner. ⁣ 🌿⁣ And today I am VERY happy to announce that this course is back on sale for the first time since May last year. Classes will unlock on the 16th of March but anyone who signs up now can also receive an earlybird discount of 15 percent. Follow the link in my bio to find out more about The Most Beautiful Letter You’ve Ever Written, and be sure to use the discount code A-LOVELY-LETTER to take advantage of the discount. ⁣ 🌿⁣ I’d love to see you there, and help you make and write some truly beautiful letters. ⁣ 🌿💌🌸⁣ #yourbeautifulletter #incowrimo2020 #happymail #sharealovenote #penpallingandletters #onequietcup #stationerylove #carepackage #myeverydaymagic #thesincerestoryteller #loveforanalogue

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