TikToker Makes a Charcuterie Board for Her Cats

It’s well-known that cat owners like to spoil their pets and treat them will all sorts of goodness. But the way TikTok user @penguinpepperpia did it is really something else.

In a recent video posted on their TikTok profile, @penguinpepperpia demonstrated how they made an amazing-looking charcuterie board for felines Penguin, Pepper, and Pia. The video has captured the attention of social media users and will likely inspire them to do the same for their cats.

The clip shows Penguin, Pepper, and Pia’s owner can be seen placing different types of foods typically enjoyed by cats on a wooden board. This included wet and dry cat food, mussels, cat chews, catnip, and all sorts of cat treats. In the end, they ended with a charcuterie board that even we would be tempted to try. 

Finally, the TikToker invites Penguin, Pepper, and Pia to dig in, and the cats happily oblige.

“No, I didn’t let them eat everything,” wrote @penguinpepperpia in the caption of the video.

Other TikTok users went to the comment section to show how impressed they were with the creation.

“Why do I kinda want to eat that myself,” wrote one user.

“This is a great idea for a party,” added another.