Alex Peter Idoko Creates Hyperrealistic Portraits Using Pyrography

Pyrography is a complex and unforgiving type of art that doesn’t leave much room for errors. But this didn’t stop Nigerian artist Alex Peter Idoko from giving it a try, on the contrary. Idoko not only mastered pyro art but also developed his own recognizable style that is impressing art lovers from around the world.

Idoko is best known for using pyrography to create hyperrealistic portraits. Despite working with a demanding technique, this self-taught artist is able to capture his subjects with impressive accuracy. Using fire, razorblades, and sandpaper, Idoko etches the portraits on wood in a way that makes the viewers think they are looking at a photograph and not something drawn with fire.

“Working on wood makes me collaborate creatively with nature and a sense of connection with life in all wonderful diversity, which adds meaning to my art,” the artist explains in a statement posted on his official website.

Understandably, Idoko’s process is demanding and time-consuming. According to the artist, he can sometimes spend more than five weeks working on a single piece. However, just one glance at the finished artwork is enough to know the effort was worth it.

Idoko’s works have been exhibited in galleries around the world, including his home country of Nigeria, Italy, the United States, and the UK. He also frequently shares his newest pieces on social media. Check out more of them below.