Worry Lines’ Illustrations Are Mildly Uplifting & Oddly Comforting

If you’re in the mood to follow an Instagram page filled with adorable illustrations that feel like a hug from an old friend, Worry Lines is just the thing you need. Her minimalistic illustrations are mildly uplifting and oddly comforting, and they tackle relatable situations we’ve all been through.

We’ve seen many artists on Instagram use the power of art to tackle hopes, dreams, fears, and worries we face in the modern world, and Worry Lines is one of them. Her illustrations may look simple, but that’s not stopping them from changing our mindset about complex topics.

She enjoys working with visual puns, idioms, and comic metaphors, and she has a special talent for finding humor in heavy topics. Mental health awareness is one of the most important subjects she explores in her work, and her illustrations and people’s reactions to them helped her overcome her own dark days.

Worry Lines initially started as “an exercise in anti-perfectionism”, according to the author’s interview with Vogue Australia. She often struggled with being a perfectionist, but her mindset changed when she embraced minimalism and started drawing every day.

Worry Lines is now a huge success with over 800,000 Instagram followers and two published books of illustrations – This Book Is for You and You’re Doing Really Well Given the Circumstances.