Cindy Park is Crafting “The Eras Tour”-Inspired Outfit For Her Swiftie Cats

Everyone seems to be obsessed with Taylor Swift these days, and our four-legged companions are no different. Rescue cat Badger can’t get enough of her music, and his owner enjoys dressing him up in hand-made outfits inspired by The Eras Tour.

Badger’s owner Cindy Park works as managing director of a FinTech firm in Portland, Oregon, but her true passions lie elsewhere. She’s a huge cat lover who has eight other cats in addition to Badger, and she describes them all as rescues and foster fails.

Park’s love for cats is one thing she has in common with her favorite artist – Taylor Swift. She’s a huge fan of the Grammy-winning singer, who blew her away with The Eras Tour, and Park couldn’t stop thinking about her ever-changing tour outfits.

She enjoyed them so much that she wished her cats could wear costumes just like them – and she decided to make it happen! She started crafting purr-fect cat-sized outfits inspired by Swift’s costumes and picked Badger as the model because he’s the most photogenic of her cats.

“As soon as he hears Taylor Swift songs he gets all excited… He recognizes Taylor’s songs now. It’s Mommy and Badger bonding moments. I love it,” she told People.