Zaria Forman Draws Dramatic Shifting Glaciers

Zaria Forman is a pastel artist who loves drawing glaciers. She often travels around the world and joins scientific expeditions where she has the chance to experience glaciers firsthand and to take many reference photos. When she comes home to Brooklyn, she turns her experiences into incredibly realistic pastel drawings. 

She draws using both her memory and the photos she took for reference. “Occasionally I will re-shape the ice a little, or simplify a busy background to create a balanced composition, but 90% of the time I am depicting the exact scene that I witnessed, because I want to stay true to the landscape that existed at that point in time,” the artist told This is Colossal.

Climate change is one of the biggest problems society faces today. Forman, just like many other artists, uses her talent to draw attention to it and to motivate people to do whatever they can in order to prevent it. Scroll down to see her works.

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