This Intriguing Ceramic Art is Inspired By Human Anatomy and Nature

Los Angeles-based creative studio Canopic and their lead ceramics artist Curran Wedner create ceramic artworks that’s a bit different than you usually see. Their pieces are inspired by human anatomy and nature, which leads to unusual and sometimes unsettling designs.

Wedner’s ceramics mostly consist of glazed porcelain cups and bowls that are covered in all sorts of different motifs including fingers, toes, and faces. This results in one-of-a-kind creations that are quickly gaining popularity both in the US and worldwide.

The process of making these ceramics isn’t an easy one, as Wedner spends significant amount of time on the preparation and the designs.

“From start to finish this process takes weeks,” – he explains. “Each individual piece has at least a dozen hours in it before it’s up for sale.”

Wedner sells his creations on Etsy, while also exhibiting them in LA galleries. Check out some of his ceramic art below.