A 17-Minute Montage Shows One Second From Every Looney Tunes Cartoon Made Between 1929 – 1969

Kaiser Beamz, an anime video essayist with a Youtube channel where he usually publishes anime-related videos, posted a 17-minute montage that features one second from every Looney Tunes cartoon made between 1929 and 1969. He wanted to show, in the shortest format possible, how much animation can change in 40 years. “I don’t think I would’ve gotten into to researching old animation if it wasn’t for the Looney Tunes shorts,” Beamz writes on Youtube. “Shows like Toon Heads and the Bob Clampett Show that used to air on Cartoon Network we’re my first gateway to animation history.”

Looney Tunes is a famous series of animated short films that were made by Warner Bros. The first episode, Bosko the Talk-Ink Kid, came out in 1929. The last one, titled Injun Trouble, aired in 1969. If Looney Tunes were a big part of your childhood, don’t miss the video below that will bring back some amazing memories.