A Feast For the Eyes: Loria Stern’s Flower Pressed Cookies

Loria Stern knows what’s cooking. A celebrated chef, with honorable mentions in publications like Vogue MagazineHarper’s Bazaar, and Goop, she’s often found doing one thing or another, food-related: whether it’s planning creative menus, cooking delicious meals, or passing her knowledge onto others through cooking classes.

But her most celebrated accomplishment has to be her signature flower pressed shortbread cookies, made by hand using flowers and herbs seasonally available. “On a busy week, we bake over 2,000 cookies,” admitted Stern in an interview with Voyage LA. “I’m most proud that I get to do what I love most for work– and that is feed people.”

With each cookie handled with care, pressed with individual botanicals, the results often differ, making each product unique as it is beautiful. So much so that it’s almost a shame to eat one. ALMOST.

According to Stern, her journey from the garden and into the kitchen came almost naturally. Born in Ojai, CA she recalls how she would grow cherry tomatoes in her family’s garden and sell them at the end of their driveway. “Since those tender days, my journey has meandered from playing professional tennis to working in the fashion industry and then to finding my greatest expression in the culinary world,” she explains.

With more than 150k fand on Instagram, Stern has definitely arrived!