These Drawings of Dogs Are So Bad That They’re Actually Good

Artist and dog lover Jay Cartner has been making art for the last 25 years. He has been drawing and painting for decades, but never received enough recognition for his talent. At least, not until he turned to a”less-serious” type of art.

One day Cartner was watching his greyhound Stanley goofing around, and he decided to make several simple sketches of the dog. The drawings turned out to be quite bad at first glance, but the artist thought they were funny and charming, so he decided to share them on his Facebook page.

It turned out that he wasn’t the only one seeing something special in these doodles, as social media users were simply mesmerized by them.

“I succeeded in making myself laugh and posted these sketches on Facebook in case it might make someone else smile. I had no idea they would be quite this popular” – Cartner shared in one of his recent interviews.

Seeing that his art was getting lots of attention, Cartner set up an Instagram page for his doodles and managed to acquire thousands of followers who enjoy his work. He is also doing commission work and is planning several other projects.  

“I’ve been getting a lot of custom commission work, digital doodle images, original custom doodles, and custom canvas paintings! I’m also working on being able to produce and sell custom-doodle t-shirts and tote bags within the next couple of weeks.” – he added.

Check out some of his works below.

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