Aleksandar Dumic’s GIFs are All About That Bounce

Aleksandar Dumic’s illustrations and GIFs are easy to spot. Minimalistic, geometric, and with an added humoristic edge, his creations have a well-balanced composition, that makes for an effective viewing experience.

Originally an illustrator, with a background in fine arts, Dumic went on to study animation, which in turn, changed his approach to image-making. “I’ve finished bachelor studies in Graphic Design at S.P. University, then I enrolled and finished master studies in Animation at Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade,” he relayed in an interview with Ballpit Magazine.

“Digital art was created as a necessity of modern society,” he adds. “Over time I’ve adapted to the new medium such as Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.” Based in Bosnia, Dumic admits he wants his art to leave a mark on the world. A digital maker by trade, he also enjoys drawing by hand, especially with graphite.

Here are some highlights from his Instagram page.