“Cat Music Videos” Will Be Your New Favorite Music Series

Have you ever wondered what would happen if popular songs got music videos that star only cats? Neither have we, but luckily, the person responsible for the Instagram page Cat Music Videos has, and it is one of the best things we have seen on the internet lately.

The entire series has a simple but quite addictive premise. The creator of the series takes a popular song and then creates a music video for it by using viral cat memes and cat videos. The beauty of it is that the memes usually correspond with the theme of the song.

Take the music video for REM’s “Losing My Religion” as an example. It features a cat “in the corner”, a cat “under a spotlight”, and an adorable feline just “trying to keep up”. How amazing is that? Well, check out the video to find out.

Knowing the internet’s love for cats, it isn’t a surprise that there is plenty of people that find these cat music videos hugely entertaining. The Instagram page currently has 166K followers, who get to enjoy close to 500 different music videos. If you don’t have time to browse them all, check out some of our favorites below.