Artist Combines Painting and Photography To Create Incredible Artworks

Inspired by the great Dutch artists, Casper Faassen embodiers the history of Dutch painting through his work. Subjects of his work include portraits, landscapes, flowers, nudes, and cityscapes.

What makes Faassen’s work unique is the way he combines painting and photography to create one incredible masterpiece. For his Asia Series, his subjects were portrayed behind a frosted sheet of acrylic, creating a distance between the viewer and the subject. The photos are printed on a matte material then Faassen applied thin layers of oil and acrylic paint to the images. Each piece has a “crack” surface as though they have faded in the light.

Faassen has a special interest in Asian culture particularly Japanese art. The concept of Mono no Aware has been greatly influential in his Asia Series artwork. According to the artist, Mono no Aware “translates into a certain awareness of the passing of time. Taking things in slightly melancholicly but with appreciation of beauty at the same time.”