Nao Saito’s Astonishing Sculptures Are Made by Linking Tiny Individual Glass Pieces

Image via /Instagram

Glass is a delicate material that loses almost all of its malleability once it cools down and hardens. However, this isn’t stopping Japanese artist Nao Saito from making astonishing sculptures by bending the glass to her will and vision.

These sculptures look like they were formed by a glass web and appear in various forms ranging from human figures to birds and insects. Saito uses both colored and see-through glass, adding another layer of visual appeal to her works.

To create her pieces, Saito uses a unique technique that she describes as “stringer work.” According to the artist, this technique “adds artistry and delicacy to contemporary glass woven work.” It involves stretching and weaving borosilicate glass and results in “breathtakingly beautiful” works while also allowing her to “express an elegant worldview.”

Besides creating large-scale sculptures, Saito also uses “stringer work” to create smaller pieces and jewelry like earrings and necklaces.

 “All works are created with the underlying theme of “breathtaking,” Saito explains on her website.

Saito exhibited these impressive glass sculptures in art galleries across Japan while also presenting her newest creations on social media. You can check out more of them by scrolling below.