Talented Dog Recreates Covers of Madonna’s Albums

For most music fans, Madonna is the “Queen of Pop”—which isn’t so surprising, considering she has a beautiful voice, great songs, and a massive cultural impact on the music scene as a whole. And, as of recently, amazing album covers.

The latter is thanks to a talented golden retriever called Max. With the help of his owner Vincent, this adorable dog recreated covers of some of the most popular Madonna’s albums and gave them an even greater appeal.

According to Vincent, he and Max needed eight months to finish the project. This included creating homemade costumes, learning the poses, and doing photo shoots.

“I am a big fan of Madonna, these pictures I’m doing with Max are tributes to artists that I love and respect,” said Vincent via Bored Panda while adding that the project also serves him as a break from his everyday work.

But the duo didn’t stop themselves with Madonna’s album covers. They went on to recreate the singer’s famous photos and iconic looks throughout her storied career as well. And if you’re asking yourself if Max enjoys this activity, the answer is yes.

“Everything is like a game for him, so yes,” added Vincent. You can check out more of Max’s recreations below.