Teppei Takeda’s Abstract Portraits Are Gorgeous

Teppei Takeda is a Japanese artist behind powerful brushstroke portraits that show people with no faces, but with very strong characters. Even though he basically paints silhouettes, the colors that he uses and the fierce strokes left a strong impression on us.

Takeda spent ten years away from the public in his studio located in Yamagata. He only decided to show the world his paintings when he thought he was ready, and that happened in 2016. His first exhibition was at a local gallery called Kuguru, and its gallerist Maho Kubota still remembers it. “There was no special advertising or publicity, but the ten portraits that he exhibited had such an impact on viewers that the news soon spread, reaching people who would travel to Yamagata from far away to see his works and collectors hoping to buy,” he told This is Colossal.

Check out Takeda’s portraits below and visit his Instagram for more.