Artist Recreates Famous Beverages as Cartoon Characters

All of us need to stay well hydrated every day but we have different preferences when it comes to beverages.

Especially during summer, most of us enjoy sipping a cold or iced drink.  Soft drinks and sodas are widely popular. Though Coca Cola and root beer are American classics, there are other sodas around the world that are famous in different countries.

When we drink our favorite soda, we recognize the name by their taste, but have you ever wondered what the drink would look like as cartoon characters? For Korea-born artist who goes by the pseudonym Sillvi, this question was transformed into an artistic quest and even created a whole series.

The artist put his own twist on famous beverages and turned them into quirky cartoon characters. They’re so cool and trendy, it would be great to see them in movies.

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If Sodas Were Characters Series # 8 Monster ——————————— What do you think she’s like? Who should I do next? Comment below to let me know. ——————————— Hey, guys. I have few announcements to make. First, Quite a lot of you guys have been asking for a webtoon series based on “If Sodas Were Character” series. I am happy to announce that I’m in the initial stage of production. The project has been temporarily named “Soda Campus”, and it will be available on Youtube as (to what I can best describe) a dubbed storyboard. Unfortunately, I do not have the resources or the time to consistently release episodes in my current situation. Please help me take on this project full-time by becoming my Patreon. Any amount will help to make sure that everyone involved in the production of this project is properly paid. Link to my Patreon is in the bio. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel for future releases. You can find me by searching “Sillvi” on Youtube. Second, I need a name for my fan base! Do you guys have any suggestions? Third, I’ve received multiple questions on whether one can cosplay as my characters. The answer is, of course you can! Just give me a mention as the original artist so I can find them and give them hearts. Lastly, Thank you so much for all your supports! We’ve gotten 20k followers in the past week. You guys don’t know how much your support means to an artist.

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