Artist Designs Iron Throne Pet Beds

The final season of the hit HBO TV series Game of Thrones is here and you can feel the excitement everywhere as everyone is thrilled to see who will win the Iron Throne.

And to pay tribute to the award-winning series, Ukraine-based designer Kate Agafonova decided to make Iron Throne pet beds. It may not look like the actual throne but it comes close in terms of comfort. Your furry friend will definitely have a warm and cozy place to stay especially when winter comes.

“The throne is made of soft material (foam rubber) around an assembly and covered with soft textile,” she shared. “It’s decorated with silver swords and ribbons, and all of this is supplemented by a soft pillow. It is made of light and dark grey colors. The pillow is filled with sintepon, and kittens really like massaging their paws in it.”

Agafonova also creates other designs that your pets will surely love.