Artist Transforms Ordinary People Into Pixar-Like Characters

Image by @lance_phan / Instagram

Lance Phan is a 3D artist who turns ordinary people into adorable cartoon versions of themselves. If you’re a Pixar fan, then you will surely love his work.

Phan uses submitted photos as his reference, working his magic by applying digital textures and 3D modelling. Each portrait reflects the artist’s exceptional skills with high definition details that reveal the personality of each person. From the strands of hair to gleaming eyes, his characters transformed into fascinating life-life quality that Pixar is well-known for.

If you want to request a “Pixar-fied” photo, expect the very long waiting list due to high demand of Phan’s work. But if you don’t want to be in queue, you can participate in his “monthly auctions.”

Scroll down to see his latest Pixar works.