Artists Paint Murals of Giants on Streets and Rooftops

Artists Ella and Pitr from France, work together to create oversized murals of sleeping giants that they place on streets, building facades, and rooftops. Their artworks are so bigs that they can be seen from above – they take photos of them with drones. 

Ella and Pitr met in 2007 and soon started to work together. Their art often revolves around the current social and political issues, but sometimes it’s just fun, playful art with no bigger meaning. They are known for using a limited color palette that covers the colors of the French flag – red, white, and blue.

Most people, when they see these adorable giants, think that Ella and Pitr are a young couple, but they are actually ages 50+ and grandparents! Check out their work below and make sure to follow them on Instagram for more.