Emmanuelle Moureaux Created a “Universe of Words” Using 140,000 Pieces of Paper

Tokyo-based architect and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux created this monumental installation that consists of 140,000 pieces of paper cut in the shape of Japanese letters. “Universe of Words” was created for the 100th anniversary of a Japanese soft drink company in Moureaux’s recognizable style. It’s a part of her ongoing series called 100 Colors.

Moreaux was born in France in 1971. She moved to Tokyo in 1996 and opened her company “Emmanuelle Moureaux architecture + design” in 2003.

“Inspired by the layers and colors of Tokyo that built a complex depth and density on the street, and the Japanese traditional spatial elements like sliding screen, she has created the concept of shikiri, which literally means “dividing (creating) space with colors,” we read on her website.