Check Out These Amazing Skateboard Designs Done by Tattoo Artists

Romain Hurdequint is a Lyon-based designer who gained prominence for being the mastermind behind The Daily Board; a popular blog focused on the skateboarding art. He is now back with another interesting project, in which he attempts to bring together the best from the tattoo and skateboarding world.

Earlier this year, Hurdequint launched a series of exhibitions called Inking Board. Through these art exhibitions, he is promoting stunning skateboard designs done by 16 tattoo artists from Lyon.

Hurdequint gave each artist two unpolished skateboard decks and asked them to ink the boards like they would ink a person. The finished artworks were then taken on tour across France. The project was such a success that its third iteration is now in the works.

Check out some of the amazing skateboard designs from Inking Board project below.