Tattoo Artist Inks Beautiful Scenes Captured in Perfect Circles on Her Clients

If you are looking to get inspiration for your next tattoo, then the works of Havva (Eva) Karabudak might just be the thing for you. This Turkish-born tattoo artist creates beautiful and highly detailed scenes and landscapes captured in perfect circles that she then inks on her clients’ bodies.

Karabudak, who splits her residence between Brooklyn and Los Angeles, previously worked as an art teacher and street artist before deciding to give tattooing a chance. It turned out that she is natural at it, and she has been working as a tattoo artist for the past nine years.

While she does all sorts of tattoos, Karabudak became known for her circled tattoos. In small circles, she is able to capture an impressive number of details, creating incredibly deep and unique tattoo art. Besides landscapes and nature scenes, this talented artist also does recreations of classical paintings and popular illustrations.

Check out some of Karabudak’s works below.