Buni Comic Feature Unexpected and Funny Twists

If you are looking for a new webcomic to provide you with a daily dose of laughs, then Buni Comics might be just for you. But we have to warn you, they are on the side of dark humor and come with unexpected twists.

Created by Ryan Pagelow, Buni Comic follows a rabbit named Buni who lives in a world inhabited by teddy bears. The main character is described by Pagelow as a “naïve optimist with terrible luck”. Nothing ever goes his way, but he keeps on hoping for the best. Terrible for him, but great for everyone who follows his adventures.

Besides Buni, the world of Buni Comics has several other recurring characters that are quirky in their own way. This includes Buni’s cynical father, BuniDad, a wheelchair dog named Dogi, and BuniGirl, the “object of all of Buni’s desires,” who is uninterested in him.

Most of Buni Comic start with a simple premise before spiraling out of control and introducing unbelievable scenarios. It appears that anything can happen, and you never know what the punchline might be until you reach it.

Buni Comic is currently being published in newspapers and by various online publishers. Pagelow also shares them on Instagram on a regular basis. Check out more of them below.