Enter the Wacky, Vibrant World of Illustrator Luke Choice

Digital artist Luke Choice was born to be an artist. With his father being an illustrator and painter, he was taught to cherish the world around him and treat nature as a source of endless inspiration.

“My father was a great illustrator and painter, who had a passion for Australian flora and fauna, which I was always fascinated by,” said the Australian-born Oregon-based artist in a chat with the Adobe Blog. “He was the kind of guy to stand and watch a sunset, a connection I cherish with him. Being aware of the beauty in nature is my biggest inspiration and I make sure that I take time away from the city to appreciate it as often as I can.”

So, naturally, Choice took to art at a young age, channeling his creativeness into comics and illustration. “I had a healthy obsession with comic books growing up, courtesy of my eldest cousin,” he recalled. “I would constantly illustrate scenes from them, but never considered it possible to make a career from it. After finishing high school, I was intent on not entering higher education unless I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I spent a couple years working odd jobs in construction, until someone introduced me to Photoshop and I began to create friends’ 21st birthday invites. This was the ultimate catalyst that set me on my career path.”

He now works from his own independent studio, Velvet Spectrum, collaborating with giants like Nike, Ray-Ban, Google, and HBO. And with almost 100k followers on Instagram alone, we’re sure to see more of him in the near future.

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