Ceramic Sculptor Pokes Fun at the Advertising Industry

Ceramic sculptor, Genesis Belange, started out studying fashion design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has built props for advertising campaigns in Manhattan before earning her MFA from Hunter College, where she was accepted into the painting program. It was then that she found her true passion in clay.

Her long artistic journey paid off with her ceramic and porcelain sculptures, that are now featured in numerous galleries and museums. Her internet presence is also worth noting, with more than 17 thousand followers on Instagram alone.

But being a sculptor doesn’t mean she doesn’t incorporate her advertising knowledge into her artwork. In fact, most of her art seems to poke fun at the advertising industry. “The advertising industry understands the strength of visual persuasion and I find it fascinating that our desires can be manipulated through aesthetics,” Genesis told It’s Nice That. “I use elements of that persuasive language in my work.”

“Objects are often surrogates for our self-identity,” she went on to say. “The uncanny is the feeling of something being strangely and uncomfortably familiar, this discomfort comes from seeing ones projected self in an object. I am using humour and style to address the complexity, nuance, and dissonance of human psychology.”

Check out some of our favorite works of hers in the gallery below.