Flowers Embellish the Art of the Talented Mia Charro

Mia Charro is a talented illustrator and surface pattern designer who learned how to do art all by herself. Despite never attending art school, she managed to become a professional illustrator whose work is loved by tens of thousands of people on Instagram. 

Charro was always into drawing, but never thought it could turn into a career. She used her free time to play with Photoshop when she discovered this software, and it gave her an advantage in her job at the time. Her job involved finding illustrations on stock websites, but she figured it would be faster and better if she drew them herself. As her bosses loved the idea, Charro got the opportunity to practice drawing even more and she dreamt of doing her own art one day.

She’s a big believer in positive mentality. As she says on her website, “I believe that a well-directed mind is like a ship with a good captain. It can go wherever it wants.” She loves spending time in nature and doing yoga.

Check out some of her illustrations below.