Zahra Ammar’s Beautiful Paper Art

Pakistani artist Zahra Ammar, who lives and works in California, creates various colorful things using paper. Her favorites are flowers and various abstract shapes that often include every color of the rainbow. She shows strong attention to detail and she has the talent to present stunning layouts. Her work has been exhibited in many galleries around the world and it has brought her thousands of fans. 

“The versatility of paper as a medium fascinates me as I poke and pinch it, twirl and curl, and fold and mold it to create art. It is so forgiving, yet it can do things that even paint can’t,” she tells Jeff Musser. She’s self-taught and got where she is today through experimenting. Her work includes a mixture of quilling, modular origami, and kirigami, styles that perfectly blend together to achieve the effects she imagines.

You can see more of her work on Instagram. Scroll down for our favorite picks.