From David Toewie to Vincent Van Toe: Step Up Your Fashion Game

Here’s a reminder: fashion can and should be taken lightly. Creative duo Gil Kahana and Humberto De Sousa seem to have gotten the memo. After sparking a connection while studying Communication Design at Central Saint Martins in London, they went on to launch a business centered around an often underlooked side of fashion: socks.

“It all began one night many years ago,” they recall on their website. “We were joking around and started to ponder a very important question: ‘What if our socks could talk?’ It was one of those light bulb moments, but once the spark had been ignited we simply couldn’t turn it off.”

Jump forward some years later and their online brand, ChattyFeet, now features more than 30 original sock designs, created by designers all over the globe. Their socks feature celebrity guests such as David Sock-Knee and Vincent Van Toe, meant to inspire your creative juices (because having cold feet never helps).

“It usually starts with the name,” Kahana and De Sousa further explained in an interview with Yes I’m a Designer. “We love to use puns like ‘The Sockfather’ or ‘David Sock-Knee’. Then we commission the character illustration and wait for sketches, give feedback, get revisions and repeat until we have a design we’re happy to produce.

Here are some of our favorite pairs.

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Picking the right colours with Venus!

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