Helen Wilde Creates Rich Botanical Embroideries

Embroidery artist Helen Wilde uses oceanic and botanical motifs in her abstract work and creates gorgeous 3-D hoop embroideries. Her color palettes are limited to only a few colors per hoop and that helps us focus on the shapes and texture. 

“Helen Wilde is a Nottingham Trent University, Decorative Arts graduate and has worked within the design world for many years working with such brands as Harrods and Lush cosmetics. Creating products that use only the very finest of materials but it wasn’t until recently that ‘Ovo Bloom” was born, the outcome of many years of designing, creating and growing,” we read about her on her Etsy profile.

Embroidery as an art form became extremely popular over the last few years. Many artists are skilled at stitching beautiful works that are just as different as the artists themselves. While it may seem a bit restricting, the art of stitching shapes with embroidery threads is actually pretty versatile and each artist can bring something new to it.

Scroll down to see the beautiful art she creates and visit her Instagram for more.