Jane Bowyer’s Designs Have an Empowering Twist to Them

Designer and illustrator Jane Bowyer treats her work as a way of getting the conversation going. “I am interested in how design has the potential to shape our society and environment in a positive way,” she explained in an interview with Creative Boom. “I’m interested in work that solves a problem, starts a conversation or improves people’s lives rather than work that ‘just looks cool’ or sells crap. I am particularly proud of work that improves the lives of women because it’s something I can relate to as a woman.”

In other words: her designs actually have an impact, aimed at provoking thoughts and actions. But with Bowyer, it’s not only the finished products that have an impact but also the creative process itself. In her own free time, Bowyer has run workshops with young women on the representation of women in online and offline media and has worked on several personal and commercial projects for causes she feels passionate about.

“I remember my art teacher taking me to one side when I was about thirteen and he asked me if I’d ever thought of a career as a designer,” she recalled. “I said no. He explained to me what a designer was, how you could be paid to be creative and from that moment – that’s what I’ve worked towards being and accomplishing.” But of course, her thought-provoking work is much more than a paying job.