Kate Zaremba’s Wallpapers Hold the Essence of Joy

One thing is sure, Kate Zaremba has lived an eventful life. The former child actor had won our hearts in the 1993 musical Annie Warbucks and was also featured on Full House as Lisa Leeper. But her career took a creative turn when she grew up. Now an artist and surface designer, she specializes in wallpapers, textiles, and ceramics; and is also the co-founder of The Lemon Collective, a workshop space for artists and makers in Washington, DC.

Whether it’s her acting or her designing, Zaremba aims to make people happy. A worthy goal if any. “I want my art to have an overall essence of joy, of whimsy, or even humor,” she told in an interview with The House That Lars Built. “I started making wallpaper because I loved the idea that my work could be a backdrop to someone’s life.”

Her wallpapers have a nostalgic quality to them, with an added contemporary twist that makes them pop. “I actually approach an idea or project by thinking about the right process to bring it to life,” says Zaremba. “So if I want to create a pattern that looks like paper cut shapes then I will cut them out of paper. If I want to make a wallpaper design that is hand-painted then I will get out a paintbrush and paint it. I look to the idea as the jumping-off point to creating versus sticking with one particular ‘style.’”

The result is the kind of backdrop that will get your creative juices flowing. Either that, or just make your room feel brighter.

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