Kpe Innocent Paints Human Figures Using Simple Geometrical Shape

The works of Ghanaian artist Kpe Innocent are dedicated to human figures. However, the artist has an intriguing approach to the subject, opting to build them through geometrical shapes.

In Innocent’s paintings, humans are presented as a sum of geometrical shapes and forms. As such, they are often disproportional, with small circles as their head, huge blocks to serve as their body, and long cylinders as limbs.

Innocent paints his human figures in neutral tones and minimalistic lines. They are either shown interacting with each other or dominating the canvas with their forms.

The artist explains that his fascination with humans comes from his faith. His paintings often carry affirmative titles with attached messages of spirituality.

“I am able to appreciate the process of creation, of producing something tangible and relevant out of nothing,” says Innocent about his works.

So far, Kpe Innocent had several solo exhibitions in Europe and the United States. His works were displayed in NIL Gallery in Paris, France, The Hole in New York, United States, and Moosey Art in London, UK. The artist also frequently shares his newest paintings on social media. Continue scrolling to check out more of them.