Libyan Student Creates Captivating Architectural Art on Cardboard

Ebtehal Salah is an architecture student from Benghazi, Libya, who loves to share her drawings and sketches on social media. This allows her to experiment with her creativity, build her own style, and deliver social media users some captivating architectural art.

Salah primarily creates her art on cardboard. This allows her to add some 3D elements to her works, making them even more eye-catching. This includes cutting out the pieces of cardboard to change the texture of the background, allowing her designs to stand out.

Salah’s works showcase all sorts of different buildings and architectural styles. You’ll see mansions, apartment buildings, and cozy shops created in a range of styles from contemporary architecture to Brick Gothic. In order to get the best results, this talented artist also combines various techniques, including watercolors, markers, and pencils.

Social media users and architecture enthusiasts have been quite impressed with Salah’s drawings and sketches. Her Instagram page has surpassed 100K followers, while each of her posts gets welcomed with praise and recognition. On top of already finished designs, Salah will often share videos that show her making them from scratch, giving a unique insight into her creative process.

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