Light Shines through the Windows in Nikita Busyak’s Architectural Sketches

Combining traditional art with digital tools enables artists to take the best from both worlds and often leads to some impressive results. A great example is unique architectural sketches from Ukrainian artist Nikita Busyak.

While looking for ways to pass the time during long college classes, Busyak often found himself doing sketches. His most frequent subjects were buildings and monuments he saw in his hometown or during his trips around Europe. He also frequently made up his own architectural designs.

One time, Busyak decided to see if there was a way to improve his simple sketches with computer software. He experimented with effects until he got an idea to turn on the lights inside his buildings using a digital tool. This added a whole new dimension to his works, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere that pops up from the paper. 

“I instantly fell in love with the effect and realized that this was the style I’ve been searching for for so many years,” he explained in a recent interview.

These architectural sketches proved to be quite popular on social media, with internet users being impressed not only by their glowing effects but also the variety of architectural styles they display, from the Baroque period to drawing of a simple cabin in the woods. Check out more of Busyak’s works below.