Lisa Ericson’s Hyperrealistic Paintings Show Animals Dealing with Rising Sea Levels

The world is changing, and it’s not exactly for the better. The human impact on nature and the environment is beginning to take its toll, and we are seeing negative consequences of that all around us.

While humans are finding ways to deal with those consequences, the animals have it way tougher to adapt to the changes. This is what inspired artist Lisa Ericson to create a captivating series of hyperrealistic paintings that show animals dealing with rising sea levels.

In Ericson’s works, a rabbit can be seen trying to avoid the water by climbing on a cactus, while a deer attempts to keep its head above water by standing on a coral reef.

Ericson says that the goal of her paintings is to “awake” the interest of humans in the natural world and make them rethink how their actions affect it.

“By creating these pieces, I’m doing the same thing I hope my viewers are doing — personally reckoning with the immense scope of our global climate disaster,” Ericson said in a recent chat with Hyperallergic.

Ericson’s most recent series is currently on display at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, California. If you can’t make it to LA, then check out more of her works below.