Leica Designs a Camera That Can Store Photos Digitally and Print Them at the Same Time

Leica is one of the most famous camera manufacturers in the world. Their cameras are lauded for quality, design, and innovation, being a prized possession for every photograph enthusiast who owns them. And something tells us that many more people will own a Leica camera in the future thanks to their latest product.

Leica recently announced a new camera model called SOFORT 2. The successor of their instant camera SOFORT, it represents a hybrid creation between an instant and a digital camera.

Just like any instant camera, SOFORT 2 will capture the photo and print it out. But also, it will store it in a digital version so you have a version to send to your friend’s inbox or post on social media. Designated memory is enough for 45 photos, but users can expand it with memory cards.

SOFORT 2, which will be released in November at a price of $389, comes with all sorts of other features that users will appreciate. For example, you will be able to upload digital photos to the camera and then print them out. 

 “It encourages an appreciation of the now. Because it‘s not just about recording a moment, but about sharing it with those who make it memorable,” says Leica about the camera.